Ledbury Places

At the heart of Ledbury is a group of historic buildings facing an uncertain future. Together they play a major part in giving the town its unique character. They are:

  • Barrett Browning Institute
  • Burgage Hall
  • Butcher Row House Museum
  • Heritage Centre
  • Market House
  • Town Council Offices (including the Painted Room)

They are underused, in some cases needing renovation, they duplicate facilities and uses and they do not generate sufficient income to cover either their everyday costs or their long term care.

Ledbury Places is a project being led by local people. We aim to find ways to conserve the buildings and to maximise public access and benefit whilst ensuring they cover all their costs. We want them to play a major part in our community and bringing it closer together.

In this way they can continue to provide a good basis for the promotion of Ledbury as a vibrant heritage, cultural, retail and tourism centre, and be places from which necessary services can be delivered to local residents.

Following an extensive period of consultation with the local community, we have developed a business plan which we have submitted to funding organisations as an application for funding to take the project to the next stage.

Find out more about the business plan we have put forward.

Ledbury Places secures further funding

Ledbury Places, the organisation set up to secure the long-term future and sustainability of the Barrett Browning Institute, Burgage Hall, the Heritage Centre, the Market House, the Butcher Row House Museum and the Town Council Office, has been successful in securing a place on the Community Ownership and Management of Assets (including Right to Bid) Grant Programme.